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Frequently Asked Questions

In what sizes is the Morpher Helmet available ?

Morpher has an integral fit system. This means that you can adjust your Morpher to fit safely and comfortably. Morpher is certified for heads with a circumference of between 52 cms. and 58 cms., that is, 20 - 1/2 inches to almost 23 inches. This makes our helmet suitable for most teens, ladies and men.

Please ensure that you read the instructions that accompany your helmet. Carefully adjust the straps, buckle and fit system in order to ensure that your Morpher is a good and secure fit.

In the future, we plan to produce a range of sizes including larger sizes and also Children’s helmets.

In which areas are Morpher Helmets certified for use ?

Morpher is certified for use throughout the World excluding Australia. It has CPSC certification which covers the USA and Canada and CE EN1078 certification which covers the rest of the World, other than Australia.

Please ensure that you order the correctly certified helmet for your destination.


How much is International Shipping ?

International shipping is completely free! We use couriers or tracked mail wherever we can for both speed and accountability.

When can I expect to receive my Morpher Helmet ?

We aim to ship your helmet at the earliest opportunity, normally within a day or so of order. We will send you a tracking number as soon as your helmet has been dispatched. We will keep you updated on the progress of your delivery by SMS or e-mail and let you know when it is due to be delivered.


How do I return my Morpher Helmet ?

Please go to our returns page  to process the return of your helmet.  We will email you an authorisation and shipping instructions on approval of your return request.

We have a 30 days return period. The helmet must be returned unused, in its original packaging and with all labels and tabs attached.

What is the warranty on my Morpher?

Every Morpher helmet is covered by a one year warranty, meaning that if, in the unlikely event of a fault in materials or manufacture, it can be returned to us and we will replace it free of charge, within this period.


How thin is the Morpher when folded ?

It is just 6.5 cm, (2-1/2 inches)… Amazing!

What do I do if I damage my Morpher ?

If your helmet is damaged in an accident, we strongly recommend that you do not use it again. There may be cracks and or compressions that are invisible and the helmet may no longer be effective.

Can I clean my Morpher ?

A simple wipe with a damp cloth should be sufficient. If it has become very dirty, use a simple soap and water. Do not use abrasives or industrial cleaners.

The magnets in my helmet have stopped working. What can I do ?

Morpher’s hinge system is made from a special grade of nylon with a strong “memory” and if it has been left open for a while, it opposes the closing power of the magnets and tries to force the helmet back open. This has the bizarre effect making the magnets appear to have lost their strength when actually this is not the case at all.

The solution is to close the helmet and put a weight, like a couple of books, on top of it, to keep it closed. Do this for a few hours, although overnight is best, and, hey presto, the magnets will appear to have regained their strength and the helmet will snap shut just as it did when you first received it.

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